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Security Guide for IBM i V6.1

29 May 2009, Redbooks

The IBM® i operation system (formerly IBM i5/OS®) is considered one of the most secure systems in the industry. From the beginning, security was designed as an integral part of the system. The System i® platform provides a rich set of security features and services that pertain to the goals of authentication, authorization, integrity, confidentiality, and auditing. However, if an IBM Client does not know that a service, such as a virtual private network (VPN) or hardware cryptographic support, exists on the system, it will not use it. In addition, there are more and more security auditors ...

IBM XIV Storage System with the Virtual I/O Server and IBM i

20 February 2012, Redpaper

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication explains how you can connect the IBM XIV® Storage System server to the IBM i operating system through the Virtual I/O Server (VIOS). A connection through the VIOS is especially of interest to IT centers that have many small IBM i partitions. When using the VIOS, the Fibre Channel host adapters can be installed in the VIOS and shared by many IBM i clients by using virtual connectivity to the VIOS. This paper also includes guidance for sizing XIV logical unit numbers (LUNs) when attached to the IBM i ...

IBM i Network Install

04 March 2013, Redpaper

This IBM® Redpaper™ addresses IBM i Network Install. The following topics are included: IBM i scratch installation [IBM i licensed program installation [IBM i operating system upgrade [IBM i program temporary fix (PTF) installation This IBM Redbooks® publication is intended for IT professionals, such as IBM clients, IBM Business Partners, information architects, business intelligence administrators, and database administrators.

IBM i and IBM Storwize Family: A Practical Guide to Usage Scenarios

13 January 2015, Redbooks

The use of external storage and the benefits of virtualization became a topic of discussion in the IBM® i area during the last several years. The question tends to be, what are the advantages of the use of external storage that is attached to an IBM i environment as opposed to the use of internal storage. The use of IBM PowerVM® virtualization technology to virtualize Power server processors and memory also became common in IBM i environments. However, virtualized access to external storage and network resources by using a VIO server is still not widely used. This IBM Redbooks® publication ...

IBM i 6.1 Technical Overview

17 December 2009, Redbooks

This IBM® Redbooks® publication introduces a technical overview of the main new features, functions and enhancements available in IBM i 6.1 (formerly called i5/OS® V6R1). It gives a summary and brief explanation of new capabilities and what has changed in the operating system, and also discusses many of the licensed programs and application development tools associated with IBM i. Many other new and enhanced functions are described, such as virtualization of storage, security, Java™ performance, improved performance with IBM System Storage™ devices, backup and recovery, including base IBM ...

IBM i and Midrange External Storage

07 July 2009, Redbooks

This IBM® Redbooks® publication describes the new IBM i Midrange External Storage solutions available for IBM POWER™ Systems POWER6™ servers with IBM i being a client of IBM Virtual I/O Server (VIOS). It introduces the VIOS virtualization concepts and IBM DS Midrange External Storage Systems architecture of the supported models DS3400, DS4700, DS4800, and DS5000, discusses planning and sizing for IBM i Midrange External Storage, and provides detailed implementation procedures including IBM DS Midrange Storage Copy Services. Finally, it provides monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting ...

Uncovering Application Runtime Expert - IBM i 7.1

31 October 2011, Redpaper

This IBM® Redpaper™ introduces IBM Application Runtime Expert for i, which is a new product that has the potential to revolutionize how you do application service and support. IBM Application Runtime Expert for i (ARE) can help you ensure consistent performance and deployment for any workload running on your system. ARE allows you to build and maintain an application knowledge base, one that can be used to automatically apply its knowledge to verify a system. ARE provides a GUI that allows you to collect and verify a customized set of information, system settings, and attributes about: ...

Creating IBM i Client Partitions Using Virtual Partition Manager

26 October 2011, Redpaper

This IBM® Redpaper™ provides steps, considerations, limitations, and links to information regarding the creation of IBM i Client Partitions using the third generation of Virtual Partition Manager (VPM). Beginning with IBM i 7.1, the Virtual Partition Manager was enhanced and now allows you to create and manage Linux partitions and IBM i partitions without the use of the Hardware Management Console (HMC), Systems Director Management Console (SDMC), or Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM). It involves the use of VPM and the new support for Ethernet layer-2 bridging between a physical ...

Pushing the Limit: Using Very Large Database Capabilities with DB2 for i

08 March 2014, Redpaper

In IBM® i 7.1 with the latest Technology Refresh updates, the maximum size of an SQL index increased to 1.7 TB, allowing users to take advantage of Very Large Database (VLDB) capabilities. This IBM Redpaper™ publication shows you how to view your IBM i 7.1 database file sizes from both a graphical user interface using IBM i Navigator and by using a stored procedure to help you identify when you are getting close to these system limits.

IBM i Reorganize Physical File Member

10 March 2014, Redpaper

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication describes the IBM i Reorganize Physical File Member (RGZPFM) command and some of the recent enhancements to this command. Enhancements to the RGZPFM command continue to be made to meet client needs.

IBM i 7.2 Technical Overview with Technology Refresh Updates

02 November 2016, Redbooks

This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides a technical overview of the features, functions, and enhancements that are available in IBM i 7.2, including all the available Technology Refresh (TR) levels, from TR1 to TR3. This publication provides a summary and brief explanation of the many capabilities and functions in the operating system. It also describes many of the licensed programs and application development tools that are associated with IBM i. The information that is provided in this book is useful for clients, IBM Business Partners, and IBM service professionals that are involved with ...

PowerHA SystemMirror for IBM i Cookbook

30 December 2015, Redbooks

IBM® PowerHA™ SystemMirror for i is the IBM high-availability disk-based clustering solution for the IBM i 7.1 operating system. When combined with IBM i clustering technology, PowerHA for i delivers a complete high-availability and disaster-recovery solution for your business applications running in the IBM System i® environment. PowerHA for i enables you to support high-availability capabilities with either native disk storage or IBM DS8000® or DS6000™ storage servers or IBM Storwize V7000 and SAN Volume Controllers. The latest release of IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i delivers a ...

End to End Performance Management on IBM i

23 November 2009, Redbooks

Monitoring and managing your system’s performance is critical to ensure that you are keeping pace with the changing demands of your business. To respond to business changes effectively, your system must change too. Managing your system, at first glance, might seem like just another time-consuming job. But the investment soon pays off because the system runs more efficiently, and this is reflected in your business. It is efficient because changes are planned and managed. Managing performance of any system can be a complex task that requires a thorough understanding of that system’s hardware ...

IBM i Program Conversion: Getting Ready for 6.1 and Beyond

17 March 2010, Redpaper

IBM® delivered IBM i 6.1 in March 2008. With 6.1, IBM exploits the capabilities of the Machine Interface (MI) architecture to significantly improve programs. Programs can benefit from better performance, a range of new operating system and processor capabilities, and even stronger system integrity. To enable these improvements, all MI programs created for previous releases must be converted to run on 6.1 or a later release. MI programs include integrated language environment (ILE) and original program model (OPM) programs. To convert a program, its creation data, which is a subset of ...

DS8000 Copy Services for IBM i with VIOS

19 November 2009, Redpaper

IBM® System Storage™ DS8000® Copy Services provide functions for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions for an IBM i server. Many IBM i customers with natively connected DS8000 use Metro Mirror or Global Mirror functions to provide a set of consistent data at the remote site. This approach allows fail over or restoring data in case of disaster at the production site. You may also use IBM FlashCopy® technology to provide point-in-time copy of disk, from which you can back up data to minimize the necessary downtime. This IBM Redpaper™ publication is intended for those who want ...

Accessing IBM i Health Indicators Using Performance Data Investigator

12 December 2014, Redpaper

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication describes how to access and analyze IBM i health indicators by using the Performance Data Investigator (PDI) options that are part of the IBM Navigator for i graphical user interface (GUI). It explains how to access the PDI and how to view and modify various presentations of system performance data.

IBM FlashSystem V9000 Version 7.7 Product Guide

17 October 2016, Product Guide

The success or failure of businesses often depends on how well organizations use their data assets for competitive advantage. Deeper insights from data require better information technology. As organizations modernize their IT infrastructure to boost innovation rather than limit it, they need a data storage system that can keep pace with highly virtualized environments, cloud computing, mobile and social systems of engagement, and in-depth, real-time analytics. Making the correct decision on storage investment is critical. Organizations must have enough storage performance and agility to ...

IBM i 7.1 BRMS Enterprise Enhancements

22 October 2014, Redpaper

This IBM Redpaper describes the configuration and use of the IBM i 7.1 BRMS Enterprise enhancements by using the web-based IBM Navigator for i.

Implementing PowerHA for IBM i

18 February 2010, Redbooks

IBM® PowerHA™ for i (formerly known as HASM) is the IBM high availability disk-based clustering solution for the IBM i 6.1 operating system. PowerHA for i when combined with IBM i clustering technology delivers a complete high availability and disaster recovery solution for your business applications running in the IBM System i® environment. PowerHA for i enables you to support high-availability capabilities with either native disk storage or IBM DS8000™ or DS6000™ storage servers. This IBM Redbooks® publication gives a broad understanding of PowerHA for i. This book is divided in four ...

IBM i 6.1 Independent ASPs: A Guide to Quick Implementation of Independent ASPs

10 December 2009, Redbooks

This IBM® Redbooks® publication explains how to configure and manage independent disk pool (IASP) functionality of IBM i 6.1. It is designed to help IBM technical professionals, business partners, and customers understand and implement independent disk pools in the IBM i 6.1. In addition, this publication provides the background information that is necessary to plan, implement, and customize this functionality to your particular environment. It provides guidance on running user applications with either application data or most application objects residing in an independent disk pool. ...

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