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Security Catalog for IBM Power

An IBM Redbooks residency (PW-ES05-R01)


This residency will be responsible for creating and publishing a "Security Catalog" for IBM Power. The intent is to gather information from currently available sources and define a comprehensive approach to address security concerns of our clients in the IBM Power ecosystem. We will describe the specific features and functions available within the Power 10 processor chip to provide one of the most secure infrastructures available in the industry. We will also describe how each of the different operating systems address security for their clients. We will discuss other products and solutions that assist our clients protect one of their most important assets - their corporate data. Not all residents will be highly skilled in all of the skills we are looking for. We will be looking for a good blend of residents whose skills complement each other and can work together to provide a broad view of security features and data protection/data resilience.

Benefits, objectives, prerequisites and more ...


How Residencies work

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Starts 03 June 2024, ends 28 June 2024, and requires 12 residents

Residency Leader: Tim Simon

Location: Remote

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    Benefits to Resident

    Residents will be able to develop a stronger understanding of the security ecosystem for IBM Power systems. This information will assist them in helping their clients understand why IBM Power should be considered to host even their most sensitive workloads. They will be able to differentiate IBM Power when compared to other platforms in the industry and to help drive higher adoption of IBM Power across the industry.

    Resident Prerequistes

    A basic requirement for all residents is the ability to read and clearly express concepts and procedures in common English.


    English - spoken and written.3
    IBM Power Systems (POWER10) hardware feature knowledge.4
    Infrastructure Security experiences 4
    IBM Power Systems Security experiences, PowerSC experience would be an advantage4
    IBM Data Resilience solution knowledge and experience (SafeGaurded Copy and IBM Defender for example)4
    Technical documentation skills.4
    Willing to learn, read, ask questions, and have fun while at it.4

    Documentation Skills

    Ability to read and write English in a technical environment.4
    Word 4
    PowerPoint or other graphics/presentation tool4
    Image capture tools4