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IBM zSystems

Transitioning to Quantum-Safe Cryptography on IBM Z

As cyberattacks continue to increase, the cost and reputation impacts of data breaches remain a top concern across all enterprises

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IBM zSystems

Accelerate Mainframe Application Modernization with Hybrid Cloud

How do you make your business more agile, productive, and less siloed so that you can provide engaging customer experiences rapidly and at lower costs?

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Become a Redbooks Author

Would you like to join a team of experts, write an IBM Redbooks publication and earn an IBM Digital Badge? Find an upcoming residency and submit a nomination!

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IBM zSystems Server Time Protocol Guide

31 May 2023, Draft Redbooks

Server Time Protocol (STP) is a server-wide facility that is implemented in the Licensed Internal Code (LIC) of the IBM Z platform. It provides improved time synchronization in a sysplex or non-sysplex configuration. This IBM Redbooks publication is intended for infrastructure architects and system programmers who need to understand the IBM STP functions. Readers are expected to be generally ...

LDAP Authentication for IBM Storage DS8000 Systems: Updated for Release 9.3.2
Storage hardware

24 May 2023, Draft Redpaper

The IBM® Storage DS8000® series includes the option to replace the locally based user ID and password authentication with a centralized directory-based approach. This IBM Redpaper publication helps DS8000 storage administrators understand the concepts and benefits of a centralized directory. It provides the information that is required for implementing a DS8000 authentication mechanism that is ...

IBM Storage Fusion Product Guide
Storage solutions

22 May 2023, Redpaper

This IBM® Redbooks® publication offers a short overview of IBM's integrated environment for container workloads, IBM Storage Fusion. The product comes in two variants, IBM Storage Fusion HCI System including all required hardware, and IBM Storage Fusion SDS (software-only) for deployment in public or private Clouds. This paper has been updated with the 2.5.1 release only for IBM Storage Fusion ...

IBM Power Systems Virtual Server Guide for IBM AIX and Linux
Power Systems

18 May 2023, Draft Redbooks

This IBM Redbooks publication delivers a how-to usage content perspective describing deployment, networking, and data management tasks on the IBM Power Systems Virtual Server using sample scenarios. The team during the content development utilized available documentation, IBM Power Systems Virtual Server environment, and additional software and hardware resources to: + Document IBM Power Systems ...

IBM z16 Configuration Setup

16 May 2023, Draft Redbooks

IBM z16 Configuration Setup - Second Edition - (includes ibm z16 A02 and AGZ specifics) This IBM® Redbooks® publication helps you install, configure, and maintain IBM z16 (machine types 3931 and 3932) systems. IBM z16 offers new functions that require a comprehensive understanding of the available configuration options. This book presents configuration setup scenarios and describes ...

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