Big Data Analytics with IBM Cognos BI Dynamic Query

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Published on August 29, 2013, updated September 11, 2013

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IBM Form #: TIPS1057

Authors: Jason Tavoularis and Marcela Adan

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    IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence (BI) helps you make better and smarter business decisions faster. Advanced visualization capabilities bring your data to life, and you can consume your Cognos BI reports, scorecards, and dashboards through Internet browsers and mobile devices or have them sent to your email inbox. With intuitive self-service interfaces, you can explore your data and collaborate over the insights you uncover.

    The Cognos BI server interprets user gestures and report specifications and translates them into data-retrieval queries that are tailored to the most popular RDBMS, OLAP, CRM, and ERP sources. The term dynamic query refers to the planning and execution of queries using the Java-based extensible query engine in the Cognos platform. Leading practices, learned over decades of BI software development, were applied to its design.

    This IBM Redbooks® Solution Guide introduces IBM Cognos Dynamic Query and provides an overview of its features, benefits, and architecture. This information is intended for Cognos BI administrators, authors, modelers, and power users who need to understand the business value of the dynamic query layer.

    For related information about this topic, see the following IBM Redbooks publication: IBM Cognos Dynamic Query, SG24-8121



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