IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes

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IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence (BI) provides a proven enterprise BI platform with an open data strategy, providing customers with the ability to leverage data from any source, package it into a business model, and make it available to consumers in various interfaces that are tailored to the task.

IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes complements the existing Cognos BI capabilities and continues the tradition of an open data model. It focuses on extending the scalability of the IBM Cognos platform to enable speed-of-thought analytics over terabytes of enterprise data, without having to invest in a new data warehouse appliance. This capability adds a new level of query intelligence so you can unleash the power of your enterprise data warehouse.

This IBM Redbooks® publication addresses IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.2 and specifically, the IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes capabilities. This book can help you in the following ways:

  • Understand core features of the Dynamic Cubes capabilities of IBM Cognos BI V10.2
  • Learn by example with practical scenarios using the IBM Cognos samples

This book uses fictional business scenarios to demonstrate the power and capabilities of IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes. It primarily focuses on the roles of modeler, administrator, and IT architect.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Overview of Cognos Dynamic Cubes
Chapter 2. IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes architecture
Chapter 3. Installation and configuration of Cognos Cube Designer and Dynamic Query Analyzer
Chapter 4. Modeling dynamic cubes
Chapter 5. Administering dynamic cubes
Chapter 6. Virtual cubes
Chapter 7. Dimensional security
Chapter 8. Optimization and performance tuning
Chapter 9. Dynamic cube lifecycle
Chapter 10. Troubleshooting


Publish Date
04 October 2012

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