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IBM Cognos Dynamic Query

An IBM Redbooks publication


Published on 12 September 2013

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ISBN-10: 0738438723
ISBN-13: 9780738438726
IBM Form #: SG24-8121-00

Authors: Nigel Campbell, Henk Cazemier, Robert Hatfield, Martin Petitclerc, Glen Seeds and Jason Tavoularis

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    This IBM® Redbooks® publication explains how IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence (BI) administrators, authors, modelers, and power users can use the dynamic query layer effectively. It provides guidance for determining which technology within the dynamic query layer can best satisfy your business requirements. Administrators can learn how to tune the query service effectively and preferred practices for managing their business intelligence content.

    This book includes information about metadata modeling of relational data sources with IBM Cognos Framework Manager. It includes considerations that can help you author high-performing applications that satisfy analytical requirements of users.

    This book provides guidance for troubleshooting issues related to the dynamic query layer of Cognos BI.

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    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Overview of Cognos Dynamic Query

    Chapter 2. Administration

    Chapter 3. Metadata modeling

    Chapter 4. Macros

    Chapter 5. Report authoring

    Chapter 6. Optimizing SQL for performance

    Chapter 7. Troubleshooting


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