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The Virtualization Cookbook for IBM Z Volume 5: KVM

Draft Redbooks, last updated 27 Mar 2020

This IBM Redbooks publication gives a broad explanation of the kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) on IBM Z and how it can exploit the z/Architecture. It focuses on the planning of the environment and provides installation and configuration definitions that are necessary to build, manage, and monitor a KVM on Z environment. This publication applies to the supported Linux on Z distributions (Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu) This IBM Redbooks publication is useful to IT architects, system administrators, and those who plan for and install KVM on IBM Z. The reader is expected to have a good ... [more]

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IBM z15 (8561) Technical Guide

Redbooks, published 17 Jan 2020, last updated 24 Mar 2020

This IBM® Redbooks® publication describes the features and functions the latest member of the IBM Z® platform, the IBM z15™ (machine type 8561). It includes information about the IBM z15 processor design, I/O innovations, security features, and supported operating systems. The z15 is a state-of-the-art data and transaction system that delivers advanced capabilities, which are vital to any digital transformation. The z15 is designed for enhanced modularity, which is in an industry standard footprint. This system excels at the following tasks:
- Making use of multicloud ... [more]

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IBM ZPDT Guide and Reference
IBM Z Software

Redbooks, published 10 Mar 2020

This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides both introductory information and technical details about the IBM System z® Personal Development Tool (IBM zPDT®), which produces a small System z environment suitable for application development. zPDT is a PC Linux application. When zPDT is installed (on Linux), normal System z operating systems (such as IBM z/OS®) can be run on it. zPDT provides the basic System z architecture and emulated IBM 3390 disk drives, 3270 interfaces, OSA interfaces, and so on. The systems that are discussed in this document are complex. They have elements of Linux (for ... [more]

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Getting Started with IBM Z Resiliency

Redbooks, published 2 Mar 2020

Resiliency is the ability to provide the required capability in the face of adversity, without significant impact. This is not something that just happens, but rather must be thoroughly planned for and tested, including:
- Keeping hardware, the operating system, middleware, and applications up and running throughout planned and unplanned outages
- Recovering a site from an unplanned event without data loss
This IBM Redbooks publication gives a broad understanding of resiliency on the IBM Z platform and explains how it works and why it is important. It describes the ... [more]

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IBM Z Server Time Protocol Guide

Draft Redbooks, last updated 6 Jan 2020

Server Time Protocol Concepts, Planning and Implementation


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