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Leveraging LinuxONE to Maximize Your Data Serving Capabilities

Redbooks, published 26 Apr 2022, last updated 24 May 2022

Data modernization enables organizations to access enterprise data and extend the business value of core data that has been collected over many years. Data modernization is any initiative or process that results in more relevant and accurate data or more efficient and timely data delivery and analyses that support both improved governance (management, science, and enforcement) and serve industry and public needs. This IBM® Redbooks® publication describes how to maximize the data serving capabilities on LinuxONE and how you can take advantage of these capabilities to modernize your ... [more]

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Building an OpenShift Environment on IBM Z

Draft Redbooks, last updated 21 Apr 2022

This IBM Redbooks publication will describe how to build an OpenShift environment, and will include 1. Topology planning 2. Capacity planning 3. Architectural options like network, security and securing data 4. High Availability and DR options 5. Best practices for optimal performance of OpenShift on Z Topics will include decision points and recommendations based on two major use cases: 1) An OpenShift environment co-located / including a DataWarehouse on Linux on Z with the Cloud Pak for Data option 2) An OpenShift environment co-located with z/OS transactional services and Db2 ... [more]

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Securing Your Critical Workloads with IBM Hyper Protect Services

Redbooks, published 11 Feb 2022, last updated 22 Feb 2022

Many organizations must protect their mission-critical applications in production, but security threats also can surface during the development and pre-production phases. Also, during deployment and production, insiders who manage the infrastructure that hosts critical applications can pose a threat because of their super-user credentials and level of access to secrets or encryption keys. Organizations must incorporate secure design practices in their development operations and embrace DevSecOps to protect their applications from the vulnerabilities and threat vectors that can compromise ... [more]

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Oracle 19c on IBM LinuxONE

Redbooks, published 15 Mar 2021, last updated 11 Nov 2021

This IBM® Redbooks® publication helps you install, tailor, and configure Oracle 19c on the IBM LinuxONE platform.

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Innovate at Scale and Deploy with Confidence in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Redpaper, published 10 May 2021, last updated 20 Oct 2021

According to a recent study, CxOs have embraced hybrid cloud as an essential part of their digital transformation strategies. However, there are still several open-ended questions for most when assessing a hybrid cloud platform. This IBM® Redguide® publication examines some common business challenges and provides solutions based on a decade worth of experience. These solutions include:
- Responding to business needs faster
- Reducing IT cost
- Prioritizing digital transformation
- Adopting hybrid cloud as a de facto enterprise model
In early 2020, IBM and Red ... [more]


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