Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments: Data Protection for VMware Solution Design Considerations

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Published on May 14, 2014

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IBM Form #: TIPS1163

Authors: Mary Lovelace and Julien Sauvanet

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    IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager for Virtual Environments (referred to as Data Protection for VMware) provides a comprehensive solution for protecting virtual machines (VMs). Data Protection for VMware eliminates the impact of running back-ups on a VM by offloading backup workloads from a VMware ESX or ESXi-based host to a vStorage backup server. It works with the Tivoli Storage Manager backup-archive client (installed on the vStorage backup server) to complete full, incremental, and incremental forever snapshots of VMs. The intent of this IBM Redbooks® Solution Guide is to help with key decisions you must address when you are designing a solution to protect a virtual environment. This information is not intended to replace the analysis of your environment and is not a complete set of decisions.



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