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Automated Conversions to IBM DB2 for z/OS

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Published on 05 April 2013

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IBM Form #: TIPS0967

Authors: Paolo Bruni and Glenn McGeoch

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    Business agility is essential to client success in the fast-paced, competitive, and highly regulated global business climate of today. To grow and thrive, clients must effectively adopt and apply modern techniques (including analytics) to gain and sustain a competitive edge. An inflexible technology that is not based on standards hinders the ability of a client to meet its business needs.

    IBM® DB2® for z/OS® and IBM System z® are an ideal and logical target for migrations from prerelational databases. New and existing clients rely on DB2 for z/OS and System z for their unsurpassed total system reliability, availability, serviceability, and security. Demonstrated benefits include exceptional availability and scalability, a superior level of protection for business-critical data and applications, ease of integration and management across platforms, and reduced infrastructure complexity.



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