Enhancing Password Management by Adding Security, Flexibility, and Agility

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Published on December 07, 2012

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IBM Form #: TIPS0943

Authors: Axel Buecker

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    The number of logins and passwords that employees must manage on a daily basis continues to be a source of frustration and lost productivity. Employees must remember login information for numerous applications. Many of these applications require different user names and passwords, different password complexity requirements, and forced password changes in shorter intervals. The number of logins that an employee must manage grows with the deployment of each additional business application. The corporate help desk often endures the process of restoring lost or forgotten login information for an employee. These factors together contribute to security risks and increase help desk costs that few organizations can afford not to address.

    By using IBM® Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On, as explained in this IBM Redbooks® Solution Guide, your organization can addresses these serious security, productivity, and compliance challenges in a centrally managed solution.



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