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Published on 15 January 2013, updated 22 January 2013

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IBM Form #: TIPS0952

Authors: Robert Laird and Margaret Ticknor

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    The SOA Policy Solution provides centralized policy administration, enforcement, and monitoring for runtime policies that enable traffic management for service level agreement (SLA) enforcement, service mediation, and other customized policies.

    Business users can employ the SOA Policy Solution to help create the SLAs for their business services to deliver on promises for business performance. IT architects can use the SOA Policy Solution to create policy solution patterns that will standardize the runtime policy usage at their organization. Developers select specific policy patterns to implement the nonfunctional requirements that are associated with their projects. Operations provide information about operation needs and create a standardized monitoring policy for operational action at run time.

    You can define policies once and reuse them among multiple services, enabling a standardized, consistent approach to runtime policy. With this approach, you save time and money for implementation and maintenance of nonfunctional requirements for the enterprise and achieve faster time to market.



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