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IBM TS7700 Release 3.3

An IBM Redbooks publication


Published on 19 May 2016, updated 12 April 2017

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ISBN-10: 0738441651
ISBN-13: 9780738441658
IBM Form #: SG24-8122-03

Authors: Larry Coyne, Robert Beiderbeck, Katja Denefleh, Joe Hew, Sosuke Matsui, Aderson Pacini, Markus Schäfer, Michael Scott and Chen Zhu

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    Note: The IBM TS7700 Release 4.0 Guide, SG24-8366 is available at:

    IBM® TS7700 is a family of mainframe virtual tape solutions that optimize data protection and business continuance for IBM z Systems™ data. Through the use of virtualization and disk cache, the TS7700 family operates at disk speeds while maintaining compatibility with existing tape operations. Its fully integrated tiered storage hierarchy takes advantage of both disk and tape technologies to deliver performance for active data and best economics for inactive and archive data. This IBM Redbooks® publication describes the TS7700 R3.3 architecture, planning, migration, implementation, and operations.

    The latest TS7700 family of z Systems tape virtualization is offered as two models:

    • IBM TS7720 features encryption-capable high-capacity cache that uses 3 TB SAS disk drives with RAID 6, which can scale to large capacities with the highest level of data protection.
    • IBM TS7740 features encryption-capable 600 GB SAS drives with RAID 6 protection.

    Both models write data by policy to physical tape through attachment to high-capacity, high-performance IBM TS1150 and earlier IBM 3592 model tape drives that are installed in IBM TS3500 tape libraries. Physical tape support is optional on TS7720. TS7700 R3.3 also supports external key management for disk-based encryption by using IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager.

    This book intended for system architects who want to integrate their storage systems for smoother operation.

    Table of Contents

    Part 1. Architecture and planning

    Chapter 1. Introducing the IBM TS7700

    Chapter 2. Architecture, components, and functional characteristics

    Chapter 3. IBM TS7700 usage considerations

    Chapter 4. Preinstallation planning and sizing

    Part 2. Implementation and migration

    Chapter 5. IBM TS7700 implementation

    Chapter 6. Hardware configurations and upgrade considerations

    Chapter 7. Migration

    Part 3. Operation

    Chapter 8. Operation

    Chapter 9. Host Console operations

    Chapter 10. Performance and monitoring

    Chapter 11. Copy Export

    Chapter 12. Disaster recovery

    Part 4. Appendixes

    Appendix A. Feature codes and RPQ

    Appendix B. IBM TS7700 implementation for IBM z/VM, IBM z/VSE, and IBM z/TPF environments

    Appendix C. JES3 examples and information

    Appendix D. DEVSERV QLIB command

    Appendix E. Sample job control language

    Appendix F. Library Manager volume categories

    Appendix G. IBM TS7700 parameter examples

    Appendix H. Extra IODF examples

    Appendix I. Case study for logical partitioning of a two-cluster grid


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