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IBM z/OS Management Facility V2R3

An IBM Redbooks publication


Published on 18 April 2018, updated 13 December 2019

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ISBN-10: 0738443093
ISBN-13: 9780738443096
IBM Form #: SG24-7851-02

Authors: Redelf Janssen and Tobias Rotthove

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    This IBM® Redbooks® publication helps you install, configure, and use the IBM z/OS® Management Facility (z/OSMF). z/OSMF is a product for z/OS that simplifies, optimizes, and modernizes the z/OS system programmer experience.

    z/OSMF delivers solutions in a task-oriented, web browser-based user interface with integrated user assistance. The goal of z/OSMF is to improve system programmer productivity, and make functions easier to understand and use. This improvement makes system programmers more productive as quickly as possible with the least amount of training. You can automate tasks, reduce the learning curve, and improve productivity through a modern, simplified, and intuitive task-based, browser-based interface.

    z/OSMF is aimed at a mixed skills workforce: It is suited to professionals who are new to z/OS and those who are skilled in z/OS. Each professional has their own needs and faces their own challenges. Novice system programmer might need to understand the “big picture” and how procedures are done. Novices also need access to documentation about procedures and tasks, and implement them according to the rules of the enterprise.

    Experienced system programmers are familiar with tasks and procedures. Therefore, the goal is to make their work less error-prone and easier. This goal allows them to be more productive and contribute more to their business.

    Although z/OS delivered simplification since it was introduced, z/OSMF brings a new dimension and focus to simplification. z/OSMF simplifies and modernizes the user experience and helps make pertinent information readily available and easily accessible.

    Table of Contents

    Part 1. Introduction

    Chapter 1. Introduction

    Chapter 2. Overview and architecture

    Part 2. Installation

    Chapter 3. Planning and prerequisites

    Chapter 4. IBM z/OS Management Facility installation and configuration

    Part 3. Usage

    Chapter 5. Getting help in IBM z/OS Management Facility

    Chapter 6. Configuration Assistant

    Chapter 7. Workflows

    Chapter 8. Links

    Chapter 9. Performance monitoring with IBM z/OS Management Facility

    Chapter 10. Workload Management

    Chapter 11. Problem determination monitoring by using the IBM z/OS Management Facility Incident Log task

    Chapter 12. Software Management

    Chapter 13. ISPF

    Chapter 14. Capacity provisioning

    Chapter 15. Sysplex Management

    Chapter 16. IBM z/OS Management Console plug-in

    Chapter 17. z/OS Cloud Provisioning

    Part 4. IBM z/OS Management Facility APIs

    Chapter 18. Using the IBM z/OS Management Facility programmable interfaces

    Appendix A. Migration

    Appendix B. Diagnostic tests

    Appendix C. Secure FTP using Application Transparent Transport Layer Security

    Appendix D. Additional material


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