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OS/390 Parallel Sysplex Configuration, Volume 1: Overview

An IBM Redbooks publication

Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.


Published on 12 September 2000

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ISBN-10: 0738417882
ISBN-13: 9780738417882
IBM Form #: SG24-5637-00

Authors: Frank Kyne, Luiz Fadel, Michael Ferguson, Rafael Garcia, Keith George, Masayuki Kojima, Alan Murphy and Henrik Thorsen

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    The Parallel Sysplex Configuration redbooks consist of three volumes that help

    you design and configure a Parallel Sysplex. These redbooks assist you in

    making the key hardware and software choices necessary to meet your

    performance, capacity, and availability requirements.

    In addition to discussing many sysplex-related topics not documented elsewhere,

    these books contain, for the IBM large systems customer, practical information

    that has been collected from many sources and brought together into a single,

    comprehensive reference.

    The redbooks provide rules of thumb for configuring a Parallel Sysplex. They

    discuss central processing complex sizing, CF sizing, the Sysplex Timer,

    connectivity guidelines, the implications of Parallel Sysplex for IBM software

    such as OS/390 V2R8 and related subsystem configurations, and useful tools and

    services. Network, systems management and availability considerations are

    also discussed.

    These redbooks are a starting point for those involved in designing and

    configuring a Parallel Sysplex. They also may be used by those already having

    a Parallel Sysplex when further exploitation is being considered. The books

    refer to other relevant publications that cover specific areas in more depth.

    This book is a replacement for SG24-2075-00 Parallel Sysplex Configuration: Overview

    Table of Contents

    1.0 Introduction to the Configuration of a Parallel Sysplex

    2.0 High-Level Design Concepts for Parallel Sysplex

    3.0 Continuous Availability in Parallel Sysplex

    4.0 Workloads in Parallel Sysplex


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