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Cyber Resilient Infrastructure: Detect, Protect, and Mitigate Threats Against Brocade SAN FOS with IBM QRadar



Published on 02 March 2022

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ISBN-10: 0738460265
ISBN-13: 9780738460260
IBM Form #: REDP-5672-00

Authors: IBM Storage

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    Enterprise networks are large and rely on numerous connected endpoints to ensure smooth operational efficiency. However, they also present a challenge from a security perspective.

    The focus of this Blueprint is to demonstrate an early threat detection against the network fabric that is powered by Brocade that uses IBM® QRadar®. It also protects the same if a cyberattack or an internal threat by rouge user within the organization occurs.

    The publication also describes how to configure the syslog that is forwarding on Brocade SAN FOS. Finally, it explains how the forwarded audit events are used for detecting the threat and runs the custom action to mitigate the threat.

    The focus of this publication is to proactively start a cyber resilience workflow from IBM QRadar to block an IP address when multiple failed logins on Brocade switch are detected.

    As part of early threat detection, a sample rule that us used by IBM QRadar is shown. A Python script that also is used as a response to block the user’s IP address in the switch is provided.

    Customers are encouraged to create control path or data path use cases, customized IBM QRadar rules, and custom response scripts that are best-suited to their environment.

    The use cases, QRadar rules, and Python script that are presented here are templates only and cannot be used as-is in an environment.

    Table of Contents

    Executive summary



    Brocade SAN Fabric Operating System

    IBM QRadar


    Solution overview

    Lab setup


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