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Enhanced Cyber Resilience Solution by Threat Detection using IBM Cloud Object Storage System and IBM QRadar SIEM



Published on 02 March 2021, updated 04 March 2021

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ISBN-10: 073845947x
ISBN-13: 9780738459479
IBM Form #: REDP-5634-00

Authors: IBM Storage

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    This Solution Redpaper™ publication explains how the features of IBM Cloud® Object Storage System reduces the effect of incidents on business data when combined with log analysis, deep inspection, and detection of threats that IBM QRadar SIEM provides.

    This paper also demonstrates how to integrate IBM Cloud Object Storage's access logs with IBM QRadar SIEM. An administrator can monitor, inspect, detect, and derive insights for identifying potential threats to the data that is stored on IBM Cloud Object Storage. Also, IBM QRadar SIEM can proactively trigger cyber resiliency workflow in IBM Cloud Object Storage remotely to protect the data based on threat detection.

    This publication is intended for chief technology officers, solution and security architects, and systems administrators.

    Table of Contents

    IBM Cloud Object Storage System introduction

    IBM QRadar SIEM introduction

    IBM QRadar on Cloud

    Identifying threats to data and taking action on potential incidents

    Solution overview

    Configuring IBM Cloud Object Storage System

    IBM QRadar SIEM configuration

    Creating rules in IBM QRadar SIEM


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