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Hybrid Multicloud Business Continuity for OpenShift Workloads with IBM Spectrum Virtualize in AWS



Published on 10 August 2020, updated 20 October 2020

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ISBN-10: 0738459038
ISBN-13: 9780738459035
IBM Form #: REDP-5607-00

Authors: IBM

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    This publication is intended to facilitate the deployment of the hybrid cloud business continuity solution with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and IBM® block CSI (Container Storage Interface) driver plug-in for IBM Spectrum® Virtualize on Public Cloud AWS (Amazon Web Services). This solution is designed to protect the data by using IBM Storage-based Global Mirror replication.

    For demonstration purposes, MySQL containerized database is installed on the on-premises IBM FlashSystem® that is connected to the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) cluster in the vSphere environment through the IBM block CSI driver. The volume (LUN) on IBM FlashSystem storage system is replicated by using global mirror on IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud on AWS. Red Hat OpenShift cluster (OCP cluster) and the IBM block CSI driver plug-in are installed on AWS by using Installer-Provisioned Infrastructure (IPI) methodology.

    The information in this document is distributed on an as-is basis without any warranty that is either expressed or implied. Support assistance for the use of this material is limited to situations where IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud is supported and entitled, and where the issues are specific to this Blueprint implementation.

    Table of Contents

    About this document

    Executive summary

    Support for the Blueprint and its configurations

    Requesting assistance

    Scope of this document


    Demonstration introduction and architecture

    Demonstration 1: On-premises systems

    Demonstration 2: Public Cloud

    Demonstration 3: VPN connectivity and SVPC on AWS

    Demonstration 4: Hybrid multicloud business continuity



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