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Go Digital by Taking Advantage of Hybrid Cloud Patterns with IBM Operational Decision Manager and IBM Business Process Manager



Published on 24 April 2015

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IBM Form #: REDP-5211-00

Authors: Eric Herness

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    In general, there is agreement and overall understanding of the systems of record (SOR) and systems of engagement (SOE) view of enterprise architecture. Systems of insight (SOI) are new and represent a new element in enterprise architectures, capable of providing real-time

    situation detection and the ability to take timely actions.

    This IBM Redbooks® Redguide™ publication builds on the SOR and SOE premise and describes a hybrid cloud that offers a number of ways to derive business value by leveraging new engagement models and new born-on-the-cloud capabilities.

    The guide includes two innovative hybrid patterns to support this new paradigm.

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    Table of Contents


    Hybrid pattern 1: A new channel opened

    Hybrid pattern 2: Enriching the SOR



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