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IBM DS8000 and DSCLIbroker

An IBM Redpaper publication


Published on 22 January 2015, updated 16 October 2015

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ISBN-10: 0738454605
ISBN-13: 9780738454603
IBM Form #: REDP-5155-00

Authors: Peter Klee

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    The DSCLIbroker is a scripting framework that automates Copy Services functions. The DSCLIbroker provides the following features:

    -- Grouping volumes according to applications or other context

    -- Simplifies the execution of Copy Services commands

    -- Provides a scripting framework for implementing automation functions

    This IBM Redpaper™ publication describes IBM DS8000® and the DSCLIbroker scripting framework and its features.

    Table of Contents

    IBM DS8000 and the DSCLIbroker scripting framework

    System environment

    Programming techniques

    Automation techniques

    Considerations about configuration data

    Example migration using DSCLIbroker


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