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IBM eServer iSeries Printing VII: Infoprint Server Implementation

An IBM Redpaper publication

Note: This is publication is now archived. For reference only.


Published on 04 May 2004, updated 17 June 2005

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IBM Form #: REDP-3752-00

Authors: Shnier Mira, Sue Finger, Jie Jiang, Glenn Rose and Bill Shaffer

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    This IBM Redpaper builds on the extensive coverage of IBM Redbooks publication "IBM eServer iSeries Printing VI: Delivering the Output of e-business", SG24-6250. It expands the implementation guidance for output delivery applications and includes new support available in V5R3. The target audience of this paper is iSeries Clients, IBM Business Partners, and IBM IT specialists who need to implement e-business communications solutions with Infoprint Server.

    The principal focus of the paper is intelligent routing. Intelligent routing is a set of capabilities that enable the profiled delivery of business documents and reports to customers and users in the most productive format (print, Web, e-mail, fax). The intelligent routing functions are delivered with two different enabling interfaces. You'll find step-by-step coverage of both interfaces as well as sample programming to get you up and running quickly.

    In addition, you'll find related tips and application techniques. These include use of color in iSeries documents, interfacing intelligent routing with fax functions, PDF encryption, and performance considerations.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. A look at Infoprint Server for iSeries

    Chapter 2. Planning for intelligent routing

    Chapter 3. Using a PDF mapping object

    Chapter 4. Encryption for iSeries-generated e-mail

    Chapter 5. iSeries color applications

    Chapter 6. Using the PDF mapping program

    Chapter 7. Using intelligent routing with Facsimile Support/400

    Chapter 8. Using APIs to add entries to PDF mapping object

    Chapter 9. Saving encrypted PDF files

    Appendix A. Infoprint Server jobs and job logs

    Appendix B. PDF conversion completion data queue

    Appendix C. Using screen prints to test printer file parameters

    Appendix D. Spooled file types for PDF conversion

    Appendix E. PDF mapping object versus PDF mapping program comparison

    Appendix F. Version 5 enhancements to Infoprint Server

    Appendix G. Infoprint Server performance

    Appendix H. Sample programs

    Appendix I. Additional material


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