IBM PowerVM Virtualization Introduction and Configuration

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 18 June 2013, updated 09 June 2017

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ISBN-10: 0738438146
ISBN-13: 9780738438146
IBM Form #: SG24-7940-05
(786 pages)

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Authors: Scott Vetter, Mel Cordero, Lucio Correia, Hai Lin, Vamshikrishna Thatikonda, Rodrigo Xavier


This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides an introduction to PowerVM™ virtualization technologies on Power System servers.

PowerVM is a combination of hardware, firmware, and software that provides CPU, network, and disk virtualization. These are the main virtualization technologies:

POWER7, POWER6, and POWER5 hardware
POWER Hypervisor
Virtual I/O Server

Though the PowerVM brand includes partitioning, management software, and other offerings, this publication focuses on the virtualization technologies that are part of the PowerVM Standard and Enterprise Editions.

This publication is also designed to be an introduction guide for system administrators, providing instructions for these tasks:

Configuration and creation of partitions and resources on the HMC
Installation and configuration of the Virtual I/O Server
Creation and installation of virtualized partitions
Examples using AIX, IBM i, and Linux

This edition has been updated with the latest updates available and an improved content organization.

Table of contents

Part 1. Overview
Chapter 1. PowerVM technologies
Chapter 2. Processor virtualization overview
Chapter 3. Memory virtualization overview
Chapter 4. I/O Virtualization
Chapter 5. Server virtualization
Chapter 6. Management console overview
Part 2. Plan
Chapter 7. PowerVM considerations
Chapter 8. Processor virtualization planning
Chapter 9. Memory virtualization planning
Chapter 10. I/O virtualization planning
Chapter 11. Server virtualization planning
Part 3. Install
Chapter 12. I/O virtualization
Chapter 13. Server virtualization implementation
Part 4. Set up
Chapter 14. Processor virtualization setup
Chapter 15. Memory virtualization setup
Chapter 16. I/O virtualization setu
Chapter 17. Server virtualization setup
Part 5. Appendix
Appendix A. Recent PowerVM enhancements
Appendix B. POWER processor modes
Appendix C. Capacity on Demand
Appendix D. Simultaneous Multithreading
Appendix E. Active Memory Expansion
Appendix F. IBM i Virtual Partition Manager
Appendix G. AIX Workload Partitions
Appendix H. System Planning Tool

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