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Speed to Market with Open Source

Draft Point-of-View, last updated 13 Dec 2019

Businesses and organizations are expected to deliver up-to-date applications faster and more often than ever before. Meeting these expectations requires rapid dynamic development cycles and the confidence of knowing new and existing services are both secure and can sustain high availability, scalability, and performance. This IBM Redbooks® Point-of-View publication shows the value of blending open source technologies and platform capabilities from initial conception through service ... [more]

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IBM Db2 Mirror for i Getting Started
Power Systems

Redpaper, published 11 Dec 2019, last updated 13 Dec 2019

IBM® Db2® Mirror for i provides a new solution for continuous availability for an IBM i environment based on an active-active clustering design that uses a low-latency communication protocol for synchronous database replication. With Db2 Mirror, IBM i customers can benefit from continuous application availability for both planned and unplanned outages. Db2 Mirror can help reduce or eliminate application downtime for regular maintenance operations such as program temporary fix (PTF) installations, operating system (OS) upgrades, or for planned server outages. This IBM Redpaper publication ... [more]

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Accelerating Modernization with Agile Integration

Draft Redbooks, last updated 13 Dec 2019

The organization pursuing digital transformation must embrace new ways to use and deploy integration technologies, so they can move quickly in a manner appropriate to the goals of multicloud, decentralization and microservices. The application integration layer must transform to allow organizations to move boldly in building new customer experiences, rather than forcing models for architecture and development that pull away from maximizing the organization's productivity. Many organizations have started embracing agile application techniques such as microservice architecture and are now ... [more]

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IBM z/OS Management Facility V2R3

Redbooks, published 18 Apr 2018, last updated 13 Dec 2019

This IBM® Redbooks® publication helps you install, configure, and use the IBM z/OS® Management Facility (z/OSMF). z/OSMF is a product for z/OS that simplifies, optimizes, and modernizes the z/OS system programmer experience. z/OSMF delivers solutions in a task-oriented, web browser-based user interface with integrated user assistance. The goal of z/OSMF is to improve system programmer productivity, and make functions easier to understand and use. This improvement makes system programmers more productive as quickly as possible with the least amount of training. You can automate tasks, reduce ... [more]

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IBM DS8900F Architecture and Implementation
Disk storage

Draft Redbooks, last updated 12 Dec 2019

This IBM® Redbooks® describes the concepts, architecture, and implementation of the IBM DS8900F family. The book provides reference information to assist readers who need to plan for, install, and configure the DS8900F systems. This edition applies to DS8900F running microcode Release 9.0 (Bundle 89.0 / Licensed Machine Code The IBM DS8900F family offers two new classes: - DS8910F: Flexibility Class all-flash The flexibility class delivers significant performance improvements as compared to the previous IBM DS8880F generation - DS8950F: Agility Class all-flash The agility class ... [more]


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