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IBM Storage Fusion HCI System Metro Sync Dr Use Case

A draft IBM Redpaper publication


Last updated on 11 March 2023

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IBM Form #: REDP-5708-00

Authors: Pallavi Singh, Prakash Chandraya and Seema Pandhre

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    Metro sync DR (Disaster Recovery) provides two-way synchronous data replication between IBM® Spectrum Fusion™ HCI clusters installed at two sites. In the event of a site disaster, applications can be failed over to the second site. The replication between the sites is synchronous, hence, the Metro sync DR solution is only available for metropolitan distance data centers with 40 millisecond latency or less.

    This IBM Redpaper Redpaper publication will help you install and configure the new Metro sync DR function (MetroDR). The use case will show the end to end process with the failover and failback of the WordPress application.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. MetroDr deployment models

    Chapter 2. IBM Spectrum Fusion HCI MetroDR Installation

    Chapter 3. Application Failover/Failback


    Special Notices

    The material included in this document is in DRAFT form and is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind. IBM is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the material, and may update the document at any time. The final, published document may not include any, or all, of the material included herein. Client assumes all risks associated with Client's use of this document.