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We provide several ways for you to contact us depending upon your interest:

Review an IBM Redbooks publication

Your feedback is valued by the Redbooks authors. In particular the ITSO is interested in situations where a book "made the difference" in a task or problem you encountered. This helps the ITSO understand which books are most valuable and where to direct book projects in the future.

To review an IBM Redbooks publication, first find its abstract page using search or navigation and then click the "Rate this book" link on the right side. Use the review form only to comment on a specific book or paper, not on general Web site related concerns.

Copyright information

To view terms of use or to request permission to reproduce IBM Redbooks, see the Copyright information page.

E-mail us

You can contact us to by sending an e-mail to regarding ITSO publications or services or the Redbooks Web site. If you're having trouble viewing books in PDF or HTML format, make sure to read our Viewing Tips first. Typically, you will find an answer much quicker this way.

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New version of the official IBM Redbooks mobile app implements a notification system that sends to your device notifications of new Redbooks content specifically tailored to your interests, Upgrade through your app store at no charge.

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