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Setting Up IBM Data Server Manager as a Highly Available Service

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Published on 11 July 2017

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IBM Form #: TIPS1352

Authors: Xiao Min Zhao

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    This IBM® Redbooks® web doc describes how to build, configure, and deploy IBM Data Server Manager as a high availability (HA) service on a Linux system. Data Server Manager runs on an HA cluster that includes one master node and one backup node. If Data Server Manager stops running on one of the nodes, the other instance of Data Server Manager starts to ensure that the Data Server Manager service is always available. Critical configuration and user data for Data Server Manager are continuously synchronized between the two Data Server Manager nodes.

    This web doc guides you through building a Data Server Manager HA solution based on IBM Tivoli® System Administration for Multiplatforms (Tivoli SA MP). Because it needs to operate on system files, the Data Server Manager HA system installation and configuration requires Linux root authority in most of the following steps. After Data Server Manager HA is installed and configured, a user can view HA cluster information and manage Data Server Manager without root authority.

    If you are using the Data Server Manager historical repository, you should also consider making the IBM Db2® database that stores the historical repository highly available. This action helps to ensure uninterrupted access to critical historical monitoring data. IBM DB2® High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) or IBM DB2 pureScale® are good options to consider. This document applies to IBM Data Server Manager Version 2.1.2 and later.



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