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Implementing Video in an IBM Content Navigator Application

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Published on 30 October 2015, updated 02 November 2015

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IBM Form #: TIPS1335

Authors: Thom Garcia, Uri Gilad , Ian Story and Mike Winter

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    This IBM Redbooks video covers the topics related to IBM enterprise content management (ECM) applications that will use the capabilities of Kaltura Video Navigator for ECM, IBM Content Navigator, IBM FileNet Content Manager, and IBM Case Manager. This video is not a comprehensive development guide for IBM ECM video applications but is a guide to help you implement your own solution, which might include some or all of the products in the portfolio. This video provides helpful real-world based advice for those involved in design, installation, and administration of systems that will use video in ECM applications.  

    The following subject matter experts of IBM and Kaltura are speaking in this video:

    • Thom Garcia, Program Director, IBM Enterprise Content Management Multimedia
    • Uri Gilad, Senior Director and Solutions Team Leader, Kaltura
    • Ian Story, Program Director, IBM Enterprise Content Management
    • Mike Winter, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Enterprise Content Management



    Special Notices

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