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Live Partition Mobility Preparation Checklist

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Published on 24 May 2014, updated 19 February 2016

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IBM Form #: TIPS1185

Authors: Scott Vetter and Bradley Vette

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    When attempting to do Live Partition Mobility (LPM) in your environment, use the Live Partition Mobility Preparation Checklist. The assumption for using this checklist is that you previously set up your LPM environment based on the Live Partition Mobility Setup Checklist or the IBM PowerVM Virtualization Introduction and Configuration, SG24-7940, an IBM® Redbooks® publication. As part of the LPM operation, a validation is done but there are certain things the validation cannot check. This checklist describes the tasks that cannot be checked automatically. The checklist provides some basic details.

    A companion document exists that may be of interest: Live Partition Mobility Setup Checklist available at:

    Live Partition Mobility Setup Checklist



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