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Integrating PDM and ERP Systems with IBM Manufacturing Release Management

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Published on 16 April 2014

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IBM Form #: TIPS1134

Authors: Amaresh Rajasekharan and David Reese

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    IBM® Manufacturing Release Management is a new solution for improved manufacturing and resource planning. Companies have long known that effective management of new design and engineering releases is essential, not only to the manufacturing process but for reducing overall supply chain risks. As supply chains become more software-driven, the integrated flow of design and release information has emerged as a critical factor.

    As described in this IBM Redbooks® Solution Guide, Manufacturing Release Management acts as a bridge to carry product design and related data from an enterprise's Product Data Management (PDM) systems with its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Along the way, it can validate the data from the PDM systems, transform the data from Engineering Bills of Material (EBOM) to Manufacturing Bills of Material (MBOM) format, and move the transformed data to one or more ERP systems that can use it. This broad functionality makes Manufacturing Release Management the linchpin companies need to efficiently and effectively connect the development of new products to their production, application, and successful entry into the marketplace.



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