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Published on 17 February 2014

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IBM Form #: TIPS1092

Authors: Wei-Dong Zhu

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    Using IBM® Content Manager OnDemand, you can create solutions that provide high-speed archival and retrieval of information, thus benefiting any organization requiring instant access to information, hardcopy replacement, or long-term archival of data. The Content Manager OnDemand solutions can support small office environments and large enterprise installations with hundreds to thousands of system users. The solutions can dramatically improve productivity and customer service in many businesses by providing fast access to information that is stored in the system.

    The high speed content archival and retrieval solutions using IBM Content Manager OnDemand can archive content such as computer generated reports, captured reports, check images, and others. In addition, the IBM Content Manager OnDemand solutions can provide instant access to the archived content on demand, and in their original content format. This IBM Redbooks® Solution Guide explains, from a high-level view, how you can create high-speed content archival and retrieval solutions by using IBM Content Manager OnDemand.



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