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Published on 19 August 2013

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IBM Form #: TIPS1037

Authors: Greg Hurlebaus and Marcela Adan

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    In a traditional deployment model, software is installed on physical servers and it is configured for a particular data center environment. Deploying a business solution or provisioning a server to perform quality assurance testing can take days or weeks.

    Cloud deployment models shorten the deployment time, but they require making the operating system, middleware software, and application deployment independent of a specific hardware configuration.

    A smooth transition from traditional to cloud deployment models can be achieved by packaging the software stacks into industry standard virtual appliances. The IBM® Image Construction and Composition Tool can be used to construct custom virtual appliances that can be provisioned with several cloud deployment platforms.

    This IBM Redbooks® Solution Guide introduces the IBM Image Construction and Composition Tool and provides an overview if its features, benefits, and architecture. This information is intended for software architects, cloud solution architects, and cloud administrators who need to understand the business value of building virtual appliances and the IBM Image Construction and Composition Tool.



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