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Tracking Payments and Securities with IBM Financial Transaction Manager V2

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Published on 31 January 2013

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IBM Form #: TIPS0963

Authors: John Arnold, Verena Michel, Rod Moon and Robert Snider

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    The reality for many financial institutions is a transaction processing environment that has evolved through a combination of organic development and a merger or acquisition where case-by-case projects have driven point-to-point implementations. These environments have the following characteristics:

    • Diverse transaction formats
    • Varying processing rules and requirements
    • Many-to-many connections
    • Broad combinations of technology stacks and platforms

    Equipped with these environments, financial institutions must track, manage, and report on transactions while facing the challenges of changing business requirements that demand rapid extension, expansion for additional capability, or both.

    This IBM® Redbooks® Solution Guide describes how IBM Financial Transaction Manager V2 provides integration and orchestration of transactions with an architecture that enables a streamlined environment. Such an environment is easier to maintain; increases transaction visibility; facilitates reuse of services, data, and processes; and improves agility to respond to changing business requirements.



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