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Maximizing the Value of an IBM POWER7 and IBM POWER7+ Environment through Tuning and Optimization

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Published on 21 March 2013

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IBM Form #: TIPS0956

Authors: Brian Hall, Mala Anand, Bill Buros, Miso Cilimdzic, Hong Hua, Judy Liu, John MacMillan, Sudhir Maddali, K Madhusudanan, Bruce Mealey, Steve Munroe, Francis P O’Connell, Sergio Reyes, Raul Silvera, Randy Swanberg, Brian Twichell, Brian F Veale, Julian Wang and Yaakov Yaari

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    Strategies for optimizing and tuning application code to run on IBM POWER7® and IBM POWER7+™ processor-based systems can be invaluable to your environment and to your business. They can substantially improve the performance of the applications that run on these systems. Optimizing and tuning your IBM Power Systems™ environment can be an important step in meeting your critical business needs. Optimized systems will deliver the performance to meet your current requirements and your future growth needs. By using the strategies provided in this solution guide, you can maximize the return on your hardware investment with minimal effort. These strategies can provide an avenue to deliver continuing, long-term value over the life of your system.

    The information in this solution guide is drawn from application optimization efforts across many types of code running on the IBM AIX® and Linux® operating systems. It focuses on the more pervasive performance opportunities that are identified and how to capitalize on them. This technical information was developed by IBM domain experts and is directed to IBM presales organizations in support of Power System products, such as the IBM Power 780.



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