Better Business Decisions at a Lower Cost with IBM InfoSphere BigInsights

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Published on January 30, 2013

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IBM Form #: TIPS0934

Authors: Mike Ebbers, Renata DeSouza, Marcelo Lima, Peter McCullagh, Michael Nobles, Brandon Waters and Dustin VanStee

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    As activities in our world become more integrated, the rate of data growth is increasing exponentially. This data explosion is referred to as big data, which renders current data management methods inadequate. IBM® is preparing the next generation of technology to meet these data management challenges.

    To provide the capability of using big data sources and analytics of these sources, IBM has developed the IBM InfoSphere® BigInsights™ product. This offering is based on the open source computing framework known as Apache Hadoop. This framework provides unique capabilities to the data management ecosystem and further enhances the value of investment in the data warehouse. This IBM Redbooks® Solution Guide describes the value of big data in organizations and how the InfoSphere BigInsights solution helps organizations to handle this data.



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