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Modernization with IBM WebSphere eXtended Transaction Runtime

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Published on 13 November 2012

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IBM Form #: TIPS0921

Authors: Jeff Cox

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    IBM® WebSphere® eXtended Transaction Runtime (WXTR) is a distributed online transaction processing (OLTP) environment to host COBOL and C applications with IBM WebSphere Application Server on AIX®. It enables modernization and extension of business applications that are written in COBOL and C into a Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) environment and helps to realize the benefits of a tightly integrated managed environment. WXTR provides basic runtime connectivity between Java EE applications and COBOL and C applications, which eases the integration required for composite applications in an enterprise environment. Through tight integration with the system management capability of WebSphere Application Server, you can achieve easy deployment, administration, and optimization of services, increasing administration efficiency for managing mixed language transactional applications.

    Implementing WXTR can provide several benefits as illustrated by the scenarios in this IBM Redbooks® Solution Guide.



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