QLogic 12200-BS21, 12800-040, and 12800-180 InfiniBand Switches

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Published on April 12, 2011, updated October 14, 2011

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IBM Form #: TIPS0821

Authors: Dino Quintero and David Watts

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    The QLogic 12200-BS21, 12800-040, and 12800-180 are 36-port, 72-port, and 324-port Quad Data Rate (QDR, 40 GB) InfiniBand switches, respectively, designed for cost-effective linking resources into a cluster or providing an edge switch option for a large fabric. Clients can tailor the modular product to meet present and future needs. The QLogic 12200-BS21, 12800-040, and 12800-180 are a series of products that deliver high-speed networking features and functions.



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