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Published on 30 November 2010

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IBM Form #: TIPS0801

Authors: Sandra Cabral and Hernando Bedoya

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    Stored Procedures are used across different platforms, operating systems, and diversified computing environments. Stored Procedures are great programming resources that can be used to distribute the logic of your application and, in a client server environment, they can improve performance tremendously by reducing the information traffic across a network.

    In IBM i V5.4 and V6.1, traditional programming languages, such as RPG and COBOL, did not have the ability to retrieve result sets returned by a Stored Procedure unless they used the SQL Call Level Interface for the Stored Procedure call. With the release of IBM i V7.1 in April 2010, several enhancements were added to IBM. DB2 i for V7.1. One of these enhancements is that the SQL for DB2 for i V7.1 now supports two new SQL statements: ASSOCIATE LOCATOR and ALLOCATE CURSOR These two SQL statements allow RPG and COBOL programs to easily consume result sets coming from Stored Procedures.



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