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Published on 09 November 2008

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IBM Form #: TIPS0680

Authors: Don Zimmerman

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    Disasters happen, whether it is a natural disaster like a hurricane or a flood, a more localized disaster like a power outage or a fire, or even an operator dropping a cup of coffee on your IBM i machine. When you lose your primary server, you may be losing much of your business with it. For some businesses, even a small outage is unacceptable. Some users employ complex and perhaps costly high availability solutions to switch their business to another server as quickly as possible. For others, it may be acceptable to risk going offline for a few days following a disaster. For those with this mindset, restoring your data from the last time you saved recovers much of your data, but how about the updates that happened after the last save? Are those transactions lost forever? By using the Apply Journaled Changes (APYJRNCHG) command, transactions up to the point of failure may be recovered.

    Written by: Don F Zimmerman

    Journaling Development

    IBM Rochester, MN



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