Best Practices for Managing Job Logs on IBM i

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Published on September 18, 2008, updated September 19, 2008

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IBM Form #: TIPS0679

Authors: Hernando Bedoya

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    Many environments keep spooled job logs for some period of time for diagnostic purposes. However, keeping job logs, whether as spooled files or in a pending state, consumes a permanent job structure for each job. On some of the largest IBM i installations, these job logs are the major reason for large numbers of jobs on the system. The actual number of active jobs is relatively small compared to the total number of jobs on the system.

    At this time, IBM does not increase the number of jobs on the system. Detaching spooled files is one method you can use to manage large numbers of spooled files.

    In this technote, we provide some best practices on managing job logs.

    Written by:

    Dawn May, Angela Newton, Mike Russell, Dan Tarara, and Kevin Vette

    IBM Rochester Development Team



    Special Notices

    This material has not been submitted to any formal IBM test and is published AS IS. It has not been the subject of rigorous review. IBM assumes no responsibility for its accuracy or completeness. The use of this information or the implementation of any of these techniques is a client responsibility and depends upon the client's ability to evaluate and integrate them into the client's operational environment.