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Journaling at Object Creation with i5/OS V6R1M0

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Published on 15 April 2008

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IBM Form #: TIPS0662

Authors: Hernando Bedoya

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    There is often a gap between the time an object is created and the time that journaling is started because it is a two-step process. Sometimes users have a background process that detects newly created objects and starts journaling for them. This time gap is an exposure for disaster recovery should the system terminate in this window. It is also an exposure for maintaining high availability. The ability to have objects journaled at object creation time was made possible in Version 5 Release 4 modification 0 (V5R4M0) of the i5/OS operating system with the use of a data area named QDFTJRN. In Version 6 Release 1 modification 0 (V6R1M0) of the i5/OS operating system, this becomes even easier to accomplish.

    Written by: Peg Levering

    IBM Systems &Technology Group, Systems Software Development

    Dev iSeries Journaling

    Software Developer 



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