Journaling – Journal Receiver Diet Tip 1: Eliminating Open and Close Journal Entries

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Published on July 17, 2006

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IBM Form #: TIPS0607

Authors: Hernando Bedoya

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    Not every journal entry that flows into a journal receiver is essential information. In fact, in some shops, certain journal entries are viewed as clutter. For example, journaling has the ability to optionally track every time your database physical file or stream file has been opened or closed and, by default, often does so. However, applications that perform many of these operations can fill the journal receivers with these journal entries, which are generally not needed.

    This Technote gives a brief overview of the open and close journal entries. It also provides the steps for you to analyze your journal receiver to determine how much space is being consumed (if any) by these journal entries.

    Written by Chris Kundinger

    System i High Availability -

    SLIC Journal and Commitment Control



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