Journaling at object creation on DB2 for iSeries

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Published on May 17, 2006, updated November 28, 2006

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IBM Form #: TIPS0604

Authors: Hernando Bedoya

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    There is often a time gap between the time a file is created and the time some person or product turns on journaling protection for this newly created object. In some environments, that time gap represents a risk: What if an application adds data to this new object before journal protection is enabled?

    For that reason, especially in environments that demand high availability, it is desirable to find a mechanism by which you can assure that no such time gap exists. What if you could assure that newly created objects, such as database files, had journaling enabled at creation?

    Is that possible?


    This has always been the default behavior for SQL tables. Now you can have similar behavior for native DB2® files as well as for data areas and data queues.



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