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Using Pacemaker to Create Highly Available Linux Solutions on IBM Power

A draft IBM Redbooks publication


Last updated on 20 December 2023

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IBM Form #: SG24-8557-00

Authors: Tim Simon, Dishant Doriwala, Hemantha Gunasinghe, Munshi Hafizul Haque, Santhosh Joshi, Adhish Kapoor, Pravin Kedia, Youssef Largou and Henry Vo

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    High availability and business continuity continue to be focus themes for businesses as they work hard to provide infrastructure components to support the "always available" requirements for their critical business functions. In addition, many enterprises are starting to build critical business functions on Linux servers to take advantage of the openness and portability of those applications across both on-premises and cloud-based infrastructures. These combined requirements lead to the need for a solution that allows enterprises to support highly available Linux environments for critical business applications.

    This IBM Redbooks publication will help you install, tailor and configure a highly available cluster of IBM Power servers utilizing Pacemaker, which is an open source cluster manager that supports Linux environments. We describe basic concepts required for planning and designing an infrastructure to meet the requirements for high availability and business continuity and we compare and contrast different options and tools. While the publication is mostly targeted at skilled professionals who are designing and installing highly available Linux environments, it starts with a basic understanding of the technology to help less technical readers understand the concepts.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Introduction to High Availability

    Chapter 2. Pacemaker Overview

    Chapter 3. Planning and Installing Your Pacemaker Environment

    Chapter 4. High Availability for Your IBM Power Virtual Server Environment

    Chapter 5. High Availability for Database Servers

    Chapter 6. Using Pacemaker for Highly Available SAP Landscapes

    Chapter 7. Additional Use Cases for Pacemaker High Availability


    Special Notices

    The material included in this document is in DRAFT form and is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind. IBM is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the material, and may update the document at any time. The final, published document may not include any, or all, of the material included herein. Client assumes all risks associated with Client's use of this document.