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IBM LinuxONE Resiliency

A draft IBM Redbooks publication


Last updated on 04 April 2024

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IBM Form #: SG24-8544-00

Authors: Ewerson Palacio, Brian Hugenbruch, Wilhelm Mild, Filipe Miranda, Livio Sousa, Anderson Augusto Silveira and Bill White

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    This IBM Redbooks publication details our new "8 9s across the enterprise" know-how by explaining resiliency concepts and then demonstrating how to build the LinuxONE Emperor 4 Resiliency Framework for RHOCP. This should include required hardware/software, configuration details for PR/SM and z/VM, explaining how GDPS xDR proxies work for z/VM and guests, how SSI contributes to business continuity, and how to configure a single RHOCP cluster across multiple z/VM systems.

    Table of Contents

    Part 1: IT Resiliency matters

    · The impact of downtime

    · Outages do happen

    · IT resiliency is a journey

    · Reducing risk and impact on service delivery

    · Service level agreements drive resiliency requirements

    · SLA criteria will dictate requirements for recovery

    · IT resiliency goes beyond disaster recovery

    · IT resiliency challenges

    · How to prepare for IT resiliency

    · Balancing risk and costs of mitigation

    · How does IBM LinuxONE help?

    · Deployment models for IBM LinuxONE resiliency

    · IBM LinuxONE deployment models

    Part 2. Technical View on LinuxONE Resiliency

    · Layers of Resiliency based on IBM LinuxONE

    · Infrastructure

    · Operating Environments

    · Virtualization

    · IBM Processor Resource Systems Manager (PR/SM)

    · Dynamic Partition Mode (DPM)

    · LinuxONE Virtual Storage

    · LinuxONE Virtual Network

    · Applications

    · Containers

    · Containerization

    · Containerized Workloads

    · Management

    · Automation

    · Building the related Deployment Model

    Part 3. Deployment Scenarios for Resiliency

    · LinuxOne Deployment models

    · Reliable base

    · Flexible site

    · Multi-site resiliency

    · Continuous Availability

    Part 4. Resiliency for Red Hat Openshift Container Platform

    · Resiliency for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

    · Availability and Resiliency for Linux workloads

    · Framework Analysis


    Special Notices

    The material included in this document is in DRAFT form and is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind. IBM is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the material, and may update the document at any time. The final, published document may not include any, or all, of the material included herein. Client assumes all risks associated with Client's use of this document.