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IBM SANnav Management Portal v2.2.X Implementation Guide

An IBM Redbooks publication


Published on 05 January 2023

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ISBN-10: 0738460966
ISBN-13: 9780738460963
IBM Form #: SG24-8534-00

Authors: Vasfi Gucer, Kai Jehnen, Piotr Kurkowski, Hartmut Lonzer, Dirk Preinl, Thomas Scheld and Simeon Tsonev

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    IBM® SANnav Management Portal and IBM SANnav Global View empower IT administrators to be more efficient and productive by providing comprehensive visibility into the SAN environment. These tools transform information about SAN behavior and performance into actionable insights, allowing administrators to quickly identify, isolate, and correct problems before they impact the business. In addition, SANnav Management Portal and SANnav Global View accelerate administrative tasks by simplifying workflows and automating redundant steps, making it easier for organizations to realize their goal of an autonomous SAN.

    This IBM Redbooks® publication introduces IBM SANnav Management Portal and SANnav Global View, and covers the installation, customization, operation, and troubleshooting of the IBM SANnav Management Portal.

    This book is targeted at IT and network administrators.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Introducing the IBM SANnav Management Suite

    Chapter 2. Preparing the environment

    Chapter 3. Installing and deploying IBM SANnav Management Portal

    Chapter 4. Initial access and basic configuration

    Chapter 5. Main features


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