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Hybrid cloud with on-premises cloud on IBM Z or LinuxONE

An IBM Redbooks publication


Published on 28 October 2022

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ISBN-10: 0738460885
ISBN-13: 9780738460888
IBM Form #: SG24-8530-00

Authors: Lydia Parziale, Richard Daniel, Ravi Kumar, Pablo Paniagua, James Roca, Cecilia Vales and Anna Shugol

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    Enterprises invested millions of dollars and spent decades on developing their on-premises infrastructure. As technology advances, so has the need to leverage that infrastructure, yet still modernize the enterprises’ software portfolio to use more contemporary infrastructure, tools, and languages.

    Enterprises require a unified, flexible, cost-optimal hybrid cloud with portable microservices and a reliable and securable on-premises infrastructure for data-intensive AI and mission-critical workloads. A hybrid cloud can help enterprises integrate their public and private clouds with their on-premises infrastructure.

    Red Hat OpenShift is the core element of hybrid cloud approach from IBM® with IBM Z® and IBM LinuxONE.

    This IBM Redbooks publication explains the capabilities of an integrated on-premises cloud that is based on a Red Hat OpenShift environment and includes a full stack of virtualization options and infrastructure management options, such as:

    • IBM Cloud® Infrastructure Center
    • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
    • IBM Cloud Paks®
    • z/OS® Cloud Broker
    • Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation (ODF)
    • IBM Spectrum® Scale

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Introduction

    Chapter 2. Introduction to IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center

    Chapter 3. Red Hat OpenShift overview

    Chapter 4. Storage options

    Chapter 5. Aspects of cloud applications


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