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IBM QRadar Version 7.3 Planning and Installation Guide

An IBM Redbooks publication


Published on 04 January 2018

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ISBN-10: 0738442879
ISBN-13: 9780738442877
IBM Form #: SG24-8412-00

Authors: Elias Carabaguiaz, Fabian Alfaro, Francisco Villalobos, Jeffry Arias, Kenneth Gonzalez and Warren Perez

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    With the advances of technology and the reoccurrence of data leaks, cyber security is a bigger challenge than ever before. Cyber attacks evolve as quickly as the technology itself, and hackers are finding more innovative ways to break security controls to access confidential data and to interrupt services. Hackers reinvent themselves using new technology features as a tool to expose companies and individuals. Therefore, cyber security cannot be reactive but must go a step further by implementing proactive security controls that protect one of the most important assets of every organization: the company's information.

    This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides information about implementing IBM QRadar® for Security Intelligence and Event Monitoring (SIEM) and protecting an organization's networks through a sophisticated technology, which permits a proactive security posture. It is divided in to the following major sections to facilitate the integration of QRadar with any network architecture:

    Chapter 2, "Before the installation" on page 3 provides a review of important requirements before the installation of the product.

    Chapter 3, "Installing IBM QRadar V7.3" on page 57 provides step-by-step procedures to guide you through the installation process.

    Chapter 4, "After the installation" on page 77 helps you to configure additional features and perform checks after the product is installed.

    QRadar is an IBM Security prime product that is designed to be integrated with corporate network devices to keep a real-time monitoring of security events through a centralized console. Through this book, any network or security administrator can understand the product's features and benefits.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Introduction

    Chapter 2. Before the installation

    Chapter 3. Installing IBM QRadar V7.3

    Chapter 4. After the installation


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