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Cloud Object Storage as a Service: IBM Cloud Object Storage from Theory to Practice - For developers, IT architects and IT specialists

An IBM Redbooks publication


Published on 17 March 2017, updated 10 June 2020

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ISBN-10: 0738442453
ISBN-13: 9780738442457
IBM Form #: SG24-8385-00

Authors: Anil Patil, Deepak Rangarao, Harald Seipp, Maciej Lasota, Reginaldo Marcelo dos Santos, Rob Markovic, Simon Casey, Stephen Bollers, Vasfi Gucer, Andy Lin, Casey Richardson, Robert Rios, Ryan VanAlstine and Tim Medlin

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    The digital enterprise has resulted in an explosion of data, and data volumes are expected to grow in zettabyte scale in the next few years. This explosive growth is largely fueled by unstructured data, such as video, social media, photos, and text. IBM® Cloud Object Storage (previously known as Cleversafe®) provides organizations the flexibility, scalability, and simplicity required to store, manage, and access today's rapidly growing unstructured data.

    Cloud Object Storage (COS) provides access to your unstructured data via a self-service portal from anywhere in the world with RESTful APIs, including OpenStack Swift API and S3-compatible API, enterprise availability, and security.

    IBM COS is available in the following deployment models:

    • Private on-premises object storage
    • Dedicated object storage (single-tenant)
    • Public object storage (multi-tenant)
    • Hybrid object storage (a mix of on-premises, dedicated or public offerings)

    This IBM Redbooks® publication focuses on the IBM COS public offering, IBM COS Public Services, and hybrid solutions leveraging this offering.

    This book is for solution developers, architects, and IT specialists who are implementing Cloud Object Storage solutions.

    Table of Contents

    Part 1. IBM Cloud Object Storage concepts

    Chapter 1. Introduction to object storage

    Chapter 2. Introducing IBM Cloud Object Store Public Services

    Chapter 3. Getting started with IBM Cloud Object Storage

    Part 2. IBM Cloud Object Storage use cases and scenarios

    Chapter 4. Typical applications for IBM Cloud Object Storage

    Chapter 5. Building a simple Web Gallery application

    Chapter 6. Simple gateway scenario

    Chapter 7. IBM Spectrum Protect integration

    Chapter 8. VideoRecon Video Analytics

    Chapter 9. Cognitive Call Center

    Appendix A. Additional material


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