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Creating Composite Application Pattern Models for IBM PureApplication System

An IBM Redbooks publication


Published on 22 August 2013

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ISBN-10: 0738438510
ISBN-13: 9780738438511
IBM Form #: SG24-8146-00

Authors: Prashanth Bhat, Julian Foster, Mahmoud Galal, Lei He, Andre Tost and Yue Wang

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    This IBM® Redbooks® publication describes how IBM PureApplication™ System supports the creation of virtual systems and virtual applications. PureApplication System does so using a pattern model that enables you to take advantage of predefined, pre-configured, and proven middleware topologies and deployments.

    This book also presents an abstraction level that focuses on functional capabilities and applications, completely encapsulating the underlying middleware. It describes in detail the model and the associated frameworks in PureApplication System, as well as a methodology and approach toward designing and implementing a custom pattern model. This book shows concrete implementation examples that you can use when creating your own pattern model, paired with a collection of leading practices.

    This IBM Redbooks publication gives critical guidance to, and serves as a reference for, independent software vendors (ISVs) who want to create patterns for their packaged applications on PureApplication System. Clients who want to extend and enhance their existing patterns can also use this book.

    Table of Contents

    Part 1. Laying the foundation

    Chapter 1. Introduction

    Chapter 2. The pattern engine

    Chapter 3. Application pattern models

    Chapter 4. Plug-in Development Kit

    Part 2. Creating and implementing an application pattern model

    Chapter 5. Case study

    Chapter 6. Implementing the model

    Chapter 7. Debugging and testing

    Chapter 8. Leading practices for plug-in design and implementation

    Appendix A. Additional material


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