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IMS 12 Selected Performance Topics

An IBM Redbooks publication


Published on 08 January 2013

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ISBN-10: 0738437565
ISBN-13: 9780738437569
IBM Form #: SG24-8071-00

Authors: Paolo Bruni, Rafael Avigad, James Martin, Maiko Mizuki, Bhups Narsi and John Schlatweiler

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    IBM® Information Management System (IMS™) provides leadership in performance, reliability, and security to help you implement the most strategic and critical enterprise applications. IMS, IMS utilities, and IMS tools continue to evolve to provide value and meet the needs of enterprise customers.

    With IMS 12, integration and open access improvements provide flexibility and support business growth requirements. Scalability improvements have been made to the well-known performance, efficiency, availability, and resilience of IMS by using 64-bit storage.

    In this IBM Redbooks® publication we provide IMS performance monitoring and tuning information by describing the key IMS performance functions and by showing how to monitor and tune them with traditional and new strategic applications. This book is for database administrators and system programmers.

    We summarize methods and tools for monitoring and tuning IMS systems, describe IMS system-wide performance, database, and transaction considerations.

    Based on lab measurements, we provide information about recent performance enhancements that are available with IMS 12, and advice about setting performance-related parameters.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Performance monitoring with IMS utilities

    Chapter 2. Performance concepts and monitoring methodology

    Chapter 3. Performance monitoring tools

    Chapter 4. Platform-related performance functions

    Chapter 5. Database performance topics

    Chapter 6. Transaction manager performance: Application considerations

    Chapter 7. Performance considerations for managing distributed workloads

    Chapter 8. Fast Path performance considerations

    Chapter 9. DBRC

    Chapter 10. Parallel Sysplex considerations

    Chapter 11. Capturing documentation for performance diagnosis


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